Bringing Black Math Genius to Your School

Black Math Genius is an exceptional Math program that leverages the power of family and enrichment programming to improve student outcomes academically and socially.  The video-based program empowers teachers and parents to increase student interest and performance in the classroom and on high-stakes assessments.  

If your school or district is struggling with raising the Math proficiency of its delayed-performance students,

Black Math Genius can help with programming and professional development.

The program is aligned to the College and Career Readiness, SEL, and CSTA standards.

Since the NCLB act, billions have been spent on programs and resources to raise test scores.

Why isn’t this working?

  • It’s not working because the emphasis is on the test and not the child.

  • It’s specifically not working for black children because who they are and their culture are not part of the curriculum in a meaningful and respectful way.

  • It’s not working because it’s about making money and not making progress.

How is our program different?

  • BMG puts black children at the center of learning.  It revolves around an African-centered pedagogy that respects and expects the best from black children.  The program doesn’t see them as a problem that needs fixing but as a genius that needs an encouraging facilitator and cheerleader.

  • BMG does not teach around standards.  It does not have a traditional flow.  Instead, concepts are taught in clusters around specific topics or themes.  For instance, the Malcolm X (Solving Equations) Module is about “Finding the Unknown”.  Malcolm named himself X as he was searching for his unknown roots.  In Algebra, ‘x’ represents the value of the unknown value the solver is seeking.

  • BMG is future-focused and relevant to what’s important in life.  We don’t ask students to figure out “how many cattle can be branded per hour if ten cattle can be branded per second.”  Most black students live in big cities and have great common sense.  Thus, our students will get stuck trying to figure this out because they don’t know what “cattle” is.  Further, we understand the importance of not only Math, but also programming/coding for the future.  Each section has a Python coding project to equip students to do well for the best careers of their time.

  • Standardized testing is not working for our students, especially K-2 students and black students.

  • Students are able to use what they learn in BMG to solve real-world problems.


For the past two decades, the number of Black students majoring in STEM fields have been on the decline.  Black professionals in the STEM industries are grossly underrepresented.  On average, we represent 5% of STEM fields. Yet, we represent 15% of the population.  For other groups, such as Asians, they are overrepresented.  This has a direct impact on the wealth gap.


BMG seeks to not only have students perform well on high-stakes assessments, but to inspire adults to choose STEM majors over lower paying ones.

Teaching to the test
is not working.

  • “After a decade of using these tests, there is NO EVIDENCE that interim testing improves teaching and learning. In fact, recent research from Illinois’ largest school districts suggests that interim testing has a negative impact on student growth.” -Illinois Federation of Teachers

  • “Data from Chicago make the most widely used assessment system in the country look like the poster child for a new pedagogy of poverty” –Paul Zavitkovsky, UIC

  • BMG focuses on learning, not testing.  We encourage students and families to engage in Mathematics without fear of being “assessed and judged”.  It’s learning for the fun of learning.

How to use this program?

  • The BMG Teacher Resource Guide is used as reference to which standards are used with each lesson.

  • It is not a replacement for the curriculum and it’s not something new for teachers to do.  If a teacher is working on a particular standard, they can reference the module that corresponds to that standard as part of their lesson.

  • The Black Math Genius Program is best used as a family resource and enrichment program.  Parents/Guardians are partners in their children’s education.  Yet, many don’t have the resources to provide additional support and enrichment.  There is power in the family supporting and participating in student learning.  This has been an area that has been underutilized and undervalued.  As more affluent communities show, families that have access to more resources do better academically.
  • The BMG Family Workbook is a 12-activity program designed to increase family engagement and fun with Mathematics.  Similar to having a movie night, this program is designed for parents to have Math Night once per month to engage in a fun family activity around Math.  The Family Workbook can be used independently of BMG Video program.
  • Schools use the program as an after-school program, a Saturday program, or as a Summer Program. 

  • The BMG Enrichment Program is an activity book that includes lessons to be used during class time as an add-on to the BMG Video Program.  The lessons are project-based, community-centered, and longer in duration.

Professional Development

Black Math Genius Professional Development Helps Teachers
  • Increase student engagement by creating lessons that are relevant and interesting;

  • Devise plans that are both high rigor and incorporates best practices from RTI and MTSS to support students that need additional resources and time;

  • Use data to create pacing plans that work;

  • And increase their deep conceptual understanding of math.
Black Math Genius Professional Development for Administrators
  • Work with administrators to identify what’s working, what needs improvement, and what needs to stop.

  • Helps administrators design and implement policies and procedures around:
    • Lesson Study
    • Observation Cycles
    • Data Looks
    • School Culture
    • Instructional Coaching
    • And other areas on an As-Need basis
Professional Development & Workshops
(Available as a half-day or full-day training)
  • From Arithmetic to Calculus 
      • This PD allows participants to discover how all math is connected from adding to integrals in a fun and engaging way.
  • Black Math Genius
    “If there is one prevalent assumption that stands in the way of deeper learning, it is that you have to do “the basics” before you can engage in deeper learning -Jal Mehta
      • This is the PD version of the BMG program that focuses on the necessity and urgency of a program that is culturally responsive to black students.  It shows participants how to use the teaching strategies from the program to enhance their own instructional strategies.
  • Good to Great
      • This PD takes a wide-angle view on how to move from a good school to a great school as a community.  This PD is tailored to the needs of respective schools and districts. This PD can be for administrators as well as the whole team depending on needs.  
  • Math Improv
      • This is a high-engagement, immediate feedback PD that focuses on deep conceptual understanding – how to teach it and how to operate from an asset-based approach versus a deficiency/gap approach.
  • Master Teacher Training
      • This PD is designed for teachers that are looking to become Master Math Teacher.  This program can also be expanded to become an intensive one-year fellowship.
  • BMG Family Training
      • Work with families to help them understand how to use the BMG program for their children and the best strategies for parents to partner with schools.
Professional Development Costs
Initial PD Consultation Prep and Communication $2,500
Half-day training $6,000
Full-day training $11,500
Travel/Per Diem $1,000 base + $350 per day
Ongoing Virtual Training $3,000+ per month
Custom PreRecorded and Branded Videos $5,000 for up 60 mins of video
Master Teacher Training
$27,000/person (All books included)